Knits Fabrics

There are many things to consider in the making of qualitative fabric in order to eradicate the defects and human errors while producing. Therefore, having a strong Fabric quality assurance team is essential to Sheshadri. At present, our Fabric manufacturing division has a monthly capacity of 750 tonnes/annum of Grey Fabric. We make the following types of fabric:

1. Single Pique
2. Double Pique
3. Single Jersey
4. Feeder Stripes
5. 4- track Jacquard designs

We have the following Knitting machines to help us manufacture the fabrics in an efficient manner:

1. Pailung – 26 dia/ 24 gg
2. Pailung – 24 dia/ 24 gg

We have seven Collar Knitting machines from Kauo-heng with a capability of the following:

1. Normal Collars
2. Tipping Collars
3. Birds Eye Collars
4. Jacquard Collars
5. Pleated Collars